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Celebrity Style…VICTORIA BECKHAM March 5, 2008


Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice is turning her passion for fashion into a business venture After signing a deal to create a new denim collection with a label “Rock and Republic,”  Mrs. Beckham has launched her own line called dVb…which had debut’d in Jan. 2007.

Victoria has the ability and understanding to capitalize on a certain look…she not only understands fashion and trends but has been a trend-setter and fashion icon for years…so it’s no surprise that her dVb line will a success. Following the successful in-store signings in Boston and Chicago (Monday February 25th), Victoria made her dVbdebut in Canada February 26th at the Holt Renfrew department store in Toronto to promote her ‘dVb by Victoria Beckham’ range.Victoria’s dVb line includes, eyewear, fragrances, denim, and of course she has exclusive projects in the works…

All of the dVb collectioin eyewear has been i n s p i r e d by vintage frames and sunglasses worn by icons from the moive and fashion world of teh 60s, 70s, and 80s



Designed with the best quality fabrics, with seven different styles to choose from. A distinct feature of the jeans are its back pockets which either have a Star or the dVb Signature on it. dVb jeans stand out clear from other designers as it has been designed to be noticed!!


Intimately Beckham Night, new his and hers fragrances under their dVb line. “I think this perfume is very much ‘us.’ If you look at the packaging, you can see it’s stylish, it’s timeless, it’s quality and it’s fashion,” Victoria Beckham, 33 told the Daily Mail.



Killa Heels March 4, 2008

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I was watching Fashion Television the other night and they had an episode on models falling on the runway. At first I found it a little amusing but after awhile I felt really bad for them. Some of the models plunged right into the runway head first!! AND THEN you see other ones struggling to walk in extremely high heels & when they trip you could see their ankles bending in every direction.



Despite all the physical health warnings about calf shrinkage and how high heels are be bad for your back in the long run I still l o v e wearing them A constant question people seem to ask when they see me bumpin it up on the dance floor, when im shoppin or out and about, is… “Dont your feet hurt?” I usually reply with a no. They dont bother me unless im wearing the wrong size or if they are made very poorly. I know its not a good thing to be accustomed to, but high heels are pretty much apart of me just like my hands are apart of me. lol* k… so for those who dont wear them too often, here are some tips:


-start off with finding shoes that are the right size. I made the mistake of buying shoes half a size smaller because the style of the shoe would look more dainty and cute. What a waste of money because I wore them once before shoving them in the back of the closet. Also avoiding heels that are too small will help prevent painful blisters.


-wedges, heels with ankle straps or t-straps are the easiest to walk in


– you should be standing straight when wearing heels. your knees shouldnt be bent. This doesnt look graceful at all. If this is happening your heels might be too high.Start off with a lower heel until you feel more comfortable.

-try to get that heel planted correctly before you shift your weight from the back foot to the front as this will prevent much of the sliding and ankle-wobble that you see. Your balance should be on your toes. Some people say that your weight should be put on the heels of your feet but for me putting the weight on the balls of my feet work much better. It gives me better balance and control. Practice both ways and see what works best for you, everyone is different.

-each step should be placed infront of you like you’re walking on a line. Models on the runway exgaggerate this by stepping past the line on the floor to the opposite side.

-practise walking and dancing around in new heels at home to break them in before wearing them out…this is crucial for most new shoes!!

-stretch out your legs, back and calf muscles from a long day of walking in ur heels. Pamper your feet & massage your muscles to increase circulation.

– I’m guilty for neglecting my feet from time to time…but its important to take care of them. A nice pedicure or give yourself one. Nothing tops off a look better then pretty polished toenails.




Finding A Great Gift… March 3, 2008

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March to me equals lots of parties….LOTS OF BIRTHDAY PARTIES! (March 20 is my birthday btw) And I always have a hard time finding a great gift for people. My bff and I celebrate our birthday together every year. She’s the kind of girl that has pretty much everything! She never seems to have enough of anything though…so since we both love jeans…I thought I’d buy her a new pair of great fitting jeans. Does anyone have a hard time finding great fitting jeans?? Cuz most of the time…I do. However, there are 2 brands that never fail me are Rock & Republic Jeans and Paige Premium Denim.  Does good fit have to come with such high cost though? Eeek.

I found a great site that helps you find the perfect jeans, just by answering a few questions. Not only can you find the perfect fitting jeans, you can find perfect fitting pants and bras!! Zafu shows you a list of brands that will flatter any body type. But if you’re not a brand name whre or can’t justify paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of denims…Zafu also offer tips on what to look for when you are shopping for less pricier jeans.

 Here are my fav top 5 perfect fit jeans that I think every shape and size would love!!!


Seven Jeans Edie Flood Jean, Ankle-length denim pant with 5-pocket styling and single-button closure. Tonal stitching at back pockets. 13″ opening at skinny leg.

2)Wide Leg/Trouser: 

Citizen of Humanity Faye Wide Leg Jean. Citzen’s ever popular Faye feels spring appropriate in a soft, lightweight denim. Lightweight denim pant wtih 5-pocket styling and single-button closure. Contrast ‘h’ stitching at back pockets and whiskering at front. Mild distressing throughout. Tonsal topstitching at waist and hem. Wide leg.

3)High Waist:

J Brand Cass Jean. Like the second coming of that perfect vintage pair that our mom’s wore to shreds. Denim pant with patch pockets at front and welt pockets at back. Drawstring at waist and mild distressing throughout. 3 button closure. Wide leg.

4)Boot Cut

Willliam Rast Stella Classic Rise Boot Cut Jean. Celebrity favorite William Rast’s brilliant take on teh classic boot cut. Denim pant with 5 pocket styling and single button closure. Stitiching detail at back pockets and whiskering at front. Mild distressing throughout. Subtle boot cut.


Chip & Pepper Getting through those last two trimesters? So much easier with Chip & Pepper. Denim pant with 5 pocket styling and lycra band at front. Stiitching detail at back pockets. Whiskering at front and moderate distressing throughout. Boot cut.



Spring Hair February 28, 2008

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I’m an all or nothing person, so in-between lengths or safe styles are never satisfying. Dramatic hair changes make me feel stong, rebellious and independent.  Pretty much all of the time I want my normal hair back, then a few months later, the dramatic hair change springs back into my brain.
So what’s HOT for Spring???
L O N G layers? Rhianna’s bob cut? Peek-a-boo highlights?! As with my wardrobe, I think that it’s time to revamp my hair-do!!!  Here are my favorite Hair Styles for SPRING…

katie-holmes-hair-now.jpg       070607_rihanna2_400x400.jpg
Katie Holmes….O M G! She looks amazing in her short bob haircut. This haircut for her has made her face look slimmer and her neck longer. The bob is cut to line her jawline, which accentuates her cheekbones It works for her…maybe not me so much because I have a round face =)

Textured hair is hot for this spring, stowe away the curling iron natural waves is hot!! Here’s a tip, if you don’t have natural wavy hair (like myslef…my hair is pretty much stick straight)…make sure that your curling iron is 1 1/2 inches for big curls

                                                                                                                                    women_9.jpg     jennifer_lopez.jpg
And for the seasonal chameleons, winter is about going dark, spring is a time to go lighter….however not too light…a slight lightening of the winter hair color is just right.





***Since spring is less than a month away…March 20 my birthday to be exact…I’d suggest that we all start thinking about hairstyles for Spring 2008!!***


Sharing is Caring February 27, 2008

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Sexy, single, and ready to mingle. That’s my typical moto for pretty much any Friday night. My weekends are usually my couple of days to dress up and feel pretty. During the week, my typical school attire looks like any other university student. Lots of Lululemon’s…lots of t-shirts…hair tied up in a messy bun…not so sexy. So when the weekend rolls around, I love to heat up that curling iron and slip on something that makes me feel FABULOUS!

It’s all about putting on  head-turning pieces at great university student prices!!! Another one of my favorite moto’s….SHARING IS CARING!! I am going to share some of my favorite pieces that I have in MY closest that I have found online for c h e a p C H E A P c h e a p ! ! ! (Under $200)

Something for a Friday dinner with the girlfriends and some late night dancing:

Sequin stripe halter (  paired with 5 pocket DARK denim James Jeans subtle whiskering that are on SALE!! (, for my feet GREEN, yellow, and black striped platform pumps (ebay Urbanoriginal Store), and a Silver snap clutch (

47555602-01.jpg jaden1005417172_201x396.jpgvibe01-grn_single.jpg29611186-05.jpg



Saturday night drinks with friends at a lounge calls for:

Silk Chevron Stripe Caftan top ( and paired with black knit leggings ( My feet are dressed in Yellow Patent Classic pumps (ebay Urbanoriginal Store). Making use of the Silver snap clutch for night #2. Chandelier earing to match my clutch (


TaDa!!! Fabulous!!


Spring Wardrobe February 12, 2008

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So we’re in the beginning of February, we should all vow to not buy one more Winter item and start looking for Spring clothes. Don’t start throwing your Winter clothes into the back of your closet because some trends are here to stay through Spring.
Here are a few basics that every girl needs to keep in her wardrobe, and some where she’ll find through retail therapy.
Things to keep:
– A vintage inspired leather biker jacket
– Jeans that you want to wear everyday, keep those skinny jeans they’re still HOT!!
– A fitted white button-up shirt. Something with a bit of Stretch (Lycra)
– Black pumps, still HOT!!
– Ballerina flats, something in a B O L D color
– Red heels, because they spice up any outfit!!
– A soft linen wrap scarf
– Off the shoulder or one shoulder tops or dresses. Let your shoulder be the focal point; skip the necklace, and pick great dangling
– Overszed clutch
Spring Splurge:
– Tie-dye
– Gladiator sandals
– Boho top (Bohemian)
– Soft pastel lip gloss **red is soo going out**


Sylvia’s Style Watch January 31, 2008

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 My Blog page is dedicated specifically to new fashion trends that we see today. When you look good, you feel good & when you feel good, you look good. Like most young women, I crave for the newest hot thing that hits the fashion market. My mom always tells me that if I weren’t in school right now, I’d basically just eat, sleep & S H O Paaah how I long for that day to come true…

 I believe that everyone is unique in their own way & I hope that my blog can spot h o t  n e w  s t y l e s  for all kinds of fashionistas.  Fashion is about being playful, being sexy, being inspired, & and most importantly being able to E X P R E S S yourself.